Vision & Strategy

Jinchuan International's future is based upon a clearly defined corporate strategy which will enable the company to become recognized as a leading company in the international mining industry.


Our vision is to become a major top-tier international non-ferrous metal mining company with particular emphasis in the near term on copper, cobalt, nickel and other non-ferrous metals.


Our strategy is to leverage the brand, expertise, experience and financial resources of the Jinchuan Group and the Hong Kong capital market to invest in and operate sustainable, high quality, cost competitive mines around the world. Focusing mainly on Jinchuan Group's traditional core business areas of nickel, copper, and cobalt, we will pursue acquisitions and cooperation in regions with attractive resources and favourable investment environment, including Africa, Australia, North and South America and Asia.

Consistent with this strategy, Jinchuan International is optimising our existing mining and mineral operations, constructing our new mines currently under development, studying growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions, maintaining the highest standards of worker health, safety, environmental protection & community relationships, and managing the company for the long term benefit of our shareholders and employees.

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