Mr. Zhang Youda

Mr. Zhang Youda, aged 45, has been the non-executive Director since August 2017.

Mr. Zhang obtained a bachelor's degree from Lanzhou University of Technology in Gansu province, the People's Republic of China (the “PRC”) in July 2004, majoring in accounting, and a master’s degree from Lanzhou University in Gansu Province, the PRC in June 2010, majoring in business administration. He is a senior accountant, senior economist, leading talent in accounting both in Gansu province and in China at large, expert consultant of the Internal Standards-Controlling Committee of China's Ministry of Finance, an associate member of The Association of International Accountants (“AIA”) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (“CGMA”). He is currently the vice president and chief financial officer of Jinchuan Group, the controlling shareholder of the Company, and a director of Gansu Province Materials & Industry Group. He was the finance manager and the cost branch manager of financial departments of several business units, the finance manager of construction site of the Pakistan 35km Highway Project, and the deputy general manager and general manager of finance department of Jinchuan Group. He is a finance professional with extensive operational management experience in financial management. He currently serves as a non-executive director of Bank of Gansu Co., Ltd., a company listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 2139).

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