Sustainable development is fundamental to the success of the Group’s strategy and
we continually contribute to the socio-economic growth of the areas where
we operate and the communities in which we work.

Our approach to sustainable development

Our approach to sustainable development is applied across all of our operations. We are committed to operating the business in a sustainable manner by maximizing the social, environmental and economic benefits of our mining and mineral activities, minimizing environmental impacts and working with our communities to build our stakeholders’ trust.

Safety and Health

A core value of the Group is the “Zero Harm”. We regard Safety and Health as an integral part of our overall Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) policies and management plans. We are committed to fulfilling our safety and health obligations to our employees, contractors, visitors and communities. To achieve this, we strive to improve our safety procedures and condition, including the provision of additional training for its employees and contractor’s employees, better workplace safety facilities and personal protection equipment.

Environmental management

We are committed to the responsible stewardship of natural resources and the ecological environment. We have integrated environmental management considerations into our overall management practices throughout the operations to minimize our impact on the environment.

Community Investment

We firmly believe good community relations are as essential to our long term business success as is the effective management of our operations. This belief is central to our overall approach to communities work and is the reason we build good quality relationships with the people in the areas where we operate.

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